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Green Leaves

"Essential In-Home Post-Operative Care: The Key to Faster Recovery and Reduced Complications"

Proper care is crucial after surgery. At DripTherapy, we help clients recover faster and provide the expertise needed to ensure a successful outcome.

  1. Prevention of Complications: Proper care helps prevent common post-surgical complications such as infections, blood clots, and excessive bleeding. It also ensures that any complications that do arise are identified and treated promptly.

  2. Pain Management: Effective post-operative care includes managing pain and discomfort, which is critical for patient comfort and well-being. This often involves medications, physical therapy, and other interventions.

  3. Optimal Healing: Following specific guidelines for wound care, activity levels, and nutrition can significantly enhance the healing process. This includes keeping incisions clean and protected, which reduces the risk of infection and scarring.

  4. Monitoring for Adverse Effects: Regular follow-up visits and home monitoring allow for early detection of any adverse effects or signs of poor healing. This can include recognizing signs of complications like hematomas, seromas, or unfavorable scarring.

  5. Emotional Support: Recovering from surgery can be emotionally challenging. Adequate post-operative care often includes emotional and psychological support, helping patients cope with the stress and adjustments following cosmetic surgery.

  6. Education and Guidance: Patients receive essential education on how to care for themselves, what activities to avoid, and when to seek medical attention. This empowers patients to take an active role in their recovery process.

  7. Enhancing Outcomes: Proper post-operative care ensures that the results of the cosmetic surgery are as intended. This includes minimizing swelling, bruising, and scar formation, thus optimizing the aesthetic outcomes.

  8. Rehabilitation and Mobility: Depending on the surgery, rehabilitation exercises may be necessary to restore function and mobility. Post-operative care provides guidance on when and how to start these exercises.

Why choose us?

We have exceptional guidance. Our Medical Director is a Board-Certified Surgeon. All care is provided by nurses experienced in surgical care! We work closely with your surgeon to ensure continuity of care. Your assigned nurse can help educate and guide care to ensure the best outcomes are achieved. 

Safer Recovery, Minimize Risks, Achieve Better Results

Services Included

 Wound care

  • Dressing changes, monitoring of signs of infection, proper cleaning and care of surgical incisions, management of drains

 Pain Management

  • Administration of prescribed pain medications, use of pain relief techniques such as ice packs and position

 Medication Management

  • Organizing and administering medications, monitoring for side effects and interactions, ensuring adherence to the medication schedule

 Monitoring Vital Signs

  • Regular checks of blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and respiratory rate, monitoring for any signs of complications or adverse reactions

 Personal care

  • Mobility assistance, nutritional support, assistance with personal hygiene, companionship and emotional support 

Services Offered


  • Your assigned nurse will take and pick up from all necessary appointments

 IV Therapy

  • IV vitamin therapy can boost the immune system, reducing the risk of infections during and after surgery.

  • High doses of vitamin C and other essential nutrients enhance immune function and prepare the body to better handle the stress of surgery.

 Massage Therapy 

​(Lymphatic, Swedish, Deep Tissue and More)

  • Stimulate the lymphatic system to reduce swelling and improve fluid balance.

  • Gentle and specifically designed to reduce post-surgical edema.

  • Improve circulation, reduce pain naturally 

  • Stress reduction and relaxation

Massage therapy is performed by a licensed therapist that specializes in requested service. At DripTherapy we are focused on client satisfaction. We have many providers we partner with to ensure a great match for our clients.

Green Leaves

We offer several packages to choose from, with services tailored to your specific needs. Call us today and let us take the stress out of surgery planning and recovery!

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